Future Table of Contents

Future Table of Contents

Volume 24, Number 3

When Cancer Hits the Streets
K.I. Stajduhar, A.I. Mollison, D. Gleave, S.W. Hwang

Multidisciplinary Retroperitoneal and Pelvic Soft Tissue Sarcoma Case Conferences: The Added Value Radiologists Can Provide
R. Lim, A. Kielar, M. Fraser, C. Nessim, S. Thipphavong

Physician “Out of Office” alert: does it work?
M. Clemons, A.A. Joy, J. Hilton, A. Arnaout, M. Brackstone, P. Wheatley-Price, C. Stober, R. Dinniwell, S. Mazzarello, M. da Costa, B. Hutton

Diagnostic value of EGF, CA125, and CA153 in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of lung cancer
S. Sun, M. Chen, C. Cao

Lessons Learned Implementing a Province-Wide Smoking Cessation Initiative in Ontario’s Cancer
W.K. Evans

Development and pretesting of a rehabilitation planning consult for head and neck cancer
S.E. McEwen, C. Dunphy, J.N. Rios, A. Davis, J. Jones, A. Lam, R. Martino, J. Ringash

Rehabilitation and exercise oncology program: translating research to a model of care
M.A.Dalzell, N. Smirnow, W. Sateren, A. Sintharaphone, M. Ibrahim, L. Mastroianni, L.D. Vales Zambrano, S. O'Brien

Efficacy of metronomic vinorelbine in elderly fragile patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer and poor performance status
C. Bilir, S. Durak, B. Kızılkaya, İ. Hacıbekiroglu, E. Nayır, H. Engin

Linkage of clinical trial and administrative data: a survey of cancer patients’ preferences
A. Hay

Breast MRI: Are Those Who Need It Getting It?
S. Tan, J. David, L. Lalonde, M. El Khoury, M. Labelle, R. Younan, E. Patocskai, J.R. Chesney,  I. Trop

The Cost of Efficiency: Budget impact analysis of a breast rapid diagnostic unit
M. Elmi, H. Hussain, S. Nofech-Mozes, B. Curpen, A. Leahey, N. Look Hong

Resource utilization and costs of managing patients with advanced melanoma: a Canadian population-based study
F. Gwadry-Sridhar, S. Nikan, A. Hamou, S.J. Seung, T. Petrella, A.M. Joshua, S. Ernst, N. Mittmann

Searching for a reliable means of predicting permanent Trastuzumab induced cardiotoxici
M. Rushton, C. Johnson, S. Dent

Ovarian Function Following Chemotherapy Among Young Breast Cancer Survivors
K. Morarji, O. McArdle, K. Hui, G. Gingras-Hill, S. Ahmed, E.M. Greenblatt, E. Warner, S. Sridhar, A.M.F. Ali, A. Azad, D.C. Hodgson

Current practice for Total Body Irradiation: Results of a Canada-wide Survey
R.C.N. Studinski, D. Fraser, R. Samant, M. MacPherson

Patterns of failure in anaplastic and differentiated thyroid carcinomas treated with external beam
M.E. Giuliani

The Effect of Non-Alcoholic Liver Disease on Recurrence Rate and Liver Regeneration After Liver Resection for Colorectal Liver Metastases
N.W. Molla, M. Hassanain, Z. Fadel, A. Madkhali, R. Altahan, E. Alrijraji, E. Simoneau, H. Alamri, A. Salman, Z. Gao, P. Metrakos

Understanding disparities in access to palliative care for the homeless population living in Toronto: a stakeholder analysis.
B. Henry, N. Dosani, L. Huynh, N. Amirault

Interventions to address sexual problems in people with cancer clinical practice guideline
C. Zwaal

Molecular progression in unusual recurrent non-pediatric intracranial clear cell meningioma
B. Domingo-Arrué, R. Gil-Benso, J. Megías, L. Navarro, T. San-Miguel, L. Muñoz-Hidalgo, C. López-Ginés, M. Cerdá-Nicolá

Carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma: Case report and options for systemic therapy
N. Chooback, Y. Shen, M. Jones, K. Kasaian, M. Martin, T. Ng, T. Thompson, M. Marra, J. Laskin, C. Ho

The Quality of Life of patients surviving cancer- Are we moving ahead?
M.R. Chasen, S. Hollingshead, H. Conter, R. Bhargava


Upcoming in Current Oncology

Guideline for radiotherapy with curative intent in patients with early stage, medically inoperable, non-small cell lung cancer
E. Vella

Extrahepatic Metastasis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Arising from a Hepatic Adenoma Without Concurrent Intrahepatic Recurrence
N. Poddar, R. Ramlal, S. Ravulapati, S. M Devlin, S. Gadani, C.I. Vidal, D. Cao, A.S. Befeler, J. Lai

Rehabilitation and exercise oncology program: translating research to a model of care
M.A.Dalzell, N. Smirnow, W. Sateren, A. Sintharaphone, M. Ibrahim, L. Mastroianni, L.D. Vales Zambrano, S. O'Brien

Clinical results of accelerated hypofractionated radiotherapy for small central lung tumors
Y. Hatayama

An analysis of Nanny Angel Network (NAN) and the benefits of free childcare for mothers diagnosed with cancer
L. Cohen, N. Schwartz, A. Guth, A. Kiss, E. Warner

Orbital mass as first presentation of metastatic p16+ oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
J. Corbett, D. Wilke, J. Trites, N. Lamond

Successful Treatment of Gastrointestinal Mucormycosis in an Adult with Acute Leukemia: Case Report and Literature Review
C. Rotstein

Management of EGFR Mutated NSCLC: Practical Implications from a Clinical and Pathology
M.S. Tsao

Canadian Oncologists Experiences with Difficult Patient Deaths and Coping Strategies
L. Granek

Communication and Informed Consensus....A Story
E. Aitini

Feasibility of Assessing Patient Health Benefits and Incurred Costs from Early Dysphagia Intervention during and immediately following Chemoradiotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer
R. Martino, J. Ringash, L. Durkin, E. Greco, S. Hui-Huang, W. Xu, C. Longo

Patterns of failure in anaplastic and differentiated thyroid carcinomas treated with external beam
M.E. Giuliani

A systematic review and network meta-analysis of post-imatinib therapy in advanced gastrointestinal stromal tumour
K. Shah

Patterns of spread and prognostic implications of lung cancer metastases: a population-based study in an era of driver mutations
F. Hsu, A. De Caluwe, D. Anderson, T. Toriumi, A. Nichol, C. Ho

Phase II trial of dose reduced capecitabine in elderly patients with advanced colorectal cancer
M.D. Vincent, D.A. Breader, C. Cripps, D.J. Jonker, P. Klimo, J.J. Biagi, W. Lam, A. O'Connell, F. Whiston, L. Stitt, S.A. Welch

Exercise for people with cancer: a systematic review
R. Segal, C. Zwaal, E. Green, J. Tomasone, A. Loblaw, T. Petrella

Adrenocortical Carcinoma; 40-year experience of a Canadian Tertiary Cancer Centre
S. Atallah, H. Al-assaf, Y. Xu, S. El-Sayed

Reporting lymph node retrieval rates in melanoma: Validating a quality assessment parameter
D. Berger-Richardson

The clinical significance of occult gynecologic primary tumours in metastatic cancer
M.B. Hannouf, E. Winquist, S.M. Mahmud, M. Brackstone, S.S. Sarma, G. Rodrigues, P.K. Rogan, J.S. Hoch

Clinical Utility of Multigene Profiling Assays in Early-Stage Breast Cancer
M.C. Chang, L.H. Souter, S. Kamel-Reid, M. Rutherford, P. Bedard, M. Trudeau, J. Hart, A. Eisen

Treatment patterns and trends of patients dying of prostate cancer in Quebec: a population-based study
A. Dragomir

Commentary: Wherein the Authors Attempt to Minimise the Confusion Generated by their Study “Breast Cancer Mortality After a Diagnosis of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ” by Several Commentators who Disagree with Them and a Few who Don’t: a Qualitative Study
S.A. Narod

Systemic Therapy of Incurable Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumours: A Clinical Practice Guideline
S. Singh, D. Sivajohanathan, T. Asmis, C. Cho, N. Hammad, C. Law, R. Wong, K. Zbuk

Meeting Report: The Canadian Lung Cancer Conference 2017
N. Choobac

Development of an online, patient-centered decision aid for patients with oropharyngeal cancer in the transoral robotic surgery era
J.S. Lam, G.M. Scott, D.A. Palma, K. Fung, A.V. Louie

What we learned in kindergarten: 5 tips for collaboration in oncology
A. Arnaout