Primary angiosarcoma of the breast— series of 11 consecutive cases— a single-centre experience

M. Kunkiel, M. Maczkiewicz, A. Jagiello-Gruszfeld, Z. Nowecki


Angiosarcomas of the breast are rare parenchymal malignancies of the chest wall. Surgery is the main treatment modality with chemotherapy and radiotherapy used in case of recurrence. With generally unfavourable prognosis and lack of clear treatment guidelines due to its rarity and scarcity of available data, angiosarcoma of the breast is a challenging clinical situation for both oncologist and patient. We present here the results of a series of 11 consecutive primary angiosarcoma cases treated at our institute between 2000 and 2015.


Breast cancer; soft tissue sarcoma; sarcoma of the chest wall; angiosarcoma; treatment

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