Future Table of Contents

Future Table of Contents

Volume 27, Number 2 (April 2020)

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HPV sampling options for cervical cancer screening: Preferences among urban-dwelling Canadians in a changing paradigm
G. D. Datta, M. Mayrand, S. Qureshi, N. Ferre, L. Gauvin

Germline variants and phenotypic spectrum in a Canadian cohort of diffuse gastric cancer
M. Aronson

Compliance with best supportive care criteria in advanced cancer clinical trials
Á. Rubiales, M. Sánchez-Gutiérrez, L. Pérez, M. del Valle Ribero

The most important attribute – stakeholder perspectives on what matters most in a physician
P. Wheatley-Price, K. Laurie, T. Zhang, D. Bossé, D. Chowdhury

Translating Guidelines to Practice: A Training Session on Cancer-Related Fatigue
G. Jones, N. Rutkowski, G. Trudel, C. St-Gelais, M. Ladouceur, J. Brunet, S. Lebel

Nivolumab in metastatic melanoma: efficacy and tolerability in elderly patients
R. De Luca, S. Meraviglia, L. Blasi, A. Maiorana, G. Cicero

Treatment of non-small cell lung cancer after progression on nivolumab or pembrolizumab.
A. Freeman, M. Lesperance, E. S. Wai, N. S. Croteau, L. Fiorino, G. Geller, E. G. Brooks, Z. Poonja, D. Fenton, S. Irons, D. Ksienski

A Comparison of Cyclophosphamide, Bortezomib, and Dexamethasone versus Bortezomib and Dexamethasone in Transplant Eligible Patients with Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma
A. Figueiredo

Impact of recurrence score on type and duration of chemotherapy in breast cancer
K. Willemsma, W. Yip, N. LeVasseur, K. Dobosz, C. Illmann, S. Baxter, C. Lohrisch, C. E. Simmons

Adult and Pediatric Burkitt Lymphoma: Sequelae from the HIV Epidemic
S. F. Roy, F. M. Ghazawi, M. Le, F. Lagacé, C. F. Roy, E. Rahme, E. Savin, A. Zubarev, D. Sasseville, G. Popradi, I. V. Litvinov

Digital Gene expression profiling in the diagnosis of thyroid cancers
H. Armanious, B. Adam, K. Formenti, D. Meunier, I. Izevbaye

Electronic Lung Cancer System Scale for quality of life assessment in lung cancer patients
J. C. Kuo, D. M. Graham, A. Salvarrey, F. Kassam, L. W. Le, F. A. Shepherd, R. Burkes, P. Hollen, R. J. Gralla, N. B. Leighl

Health Care Providers Preferences for and Barriers to Cannabis Use in Cancer Care
A. I. G. McLennan, M. Kerba, U. Subnis, T. Campbell, L. E. Carlson

Health-related quality of life and well-being in parents of infants and toddlers with cancer
J. M. Morhun

Association between waiting time for radiotherapy following surgery for early-stage breast cancer and survival outcomes in Ontario, Canada: a population-based outcome study
M. J. Raphael, R. Saskin, S. Singh

A population-based analysis of breast cancer incidence & survival by subtype in Ontario women
S. J. Seung, A. N. Traore, B. Pourmirza, K. E. Fathers, M. Coombes, K. J. Jerzak

Radiotherapy side effects: integrating survivorship clinical lens to better serve patients
V. Di Lalla, G. Chaput, T. Williams, K. Sultanem

Non-Surgical Management of Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Clinical Practice Guideline
B. M Meyers, J. Knox, R. Cosby, J. R. Beecroft, K. K.W. Chan, N. Coburn, J. Feld, D. Jonker, A. Mahmud, J. Ringash

Organizational Guidance for the Care of Patients with Head and Neck Cancer in Ontario
C. Walker-Dilks

Baseline staging imaging for distant metastasis in women with stage I, II, and III breast cancer
N. Varela

Canadian consensus: A new systemic treatment algorithm for advanced EGFR-mutated NSCLC
B. Melosky, S. Banerji, N. Blais, Q. Chu, R. Juergens, N. B. Leighl, G. Liu, P. Cheema

A Catalyst for Transforming Health Systems and Person-Centered Care: Canadian National Position Statement on Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)
S. Ahmed, L. Barbera, S. J. Bartlett, G. D. Bebb, M. Brundage, S. Bryan, W. Y. Cheung, N. Coburn, T. Crump, L. Cuthbertson, D. Howell, A. F. Klassen, S. Leduc, M. Li, N. E. Mayo, G. McKinnon, R. Olsen, J. Pink, J. W. Robinson, M. Santana, R. Sawatzky, R. S. Moxam, S. Sinclair, F. Servidio-Italiano, W. Temple

Update on the Subcutaneous Administration of Rituximab in Canadian Cancer Centers
D. Stewart, J. Aucoin, T. Crosbie, M. Forman, E. Lye, A. Christofides, A. Mitha

Prolonged (51 weeks) response to liposomal irinotecan in a patient with stage IV pancreatic/bile duct cancer previously treated with FOLFIRINOX and gemcitabine plus nab-paclitaxel
A. Surinach

Report on the Canadian Cancer Research Conference 2019
K. J.C. Galpin, D. C. Cook, L. M. Salemi, S. Urowitz, C. Williams, J. C. Bell, M. D. Brundage, B. C. Vanderhyden

Practice-Changing Studies in Treatment-Naïve Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
V. Banerji, P. Anglin, A. Christofides, S. Doucette, P. Laneuville

Upcoming in Current Oncology

Immuno-oncology Editorial
Ralph Wong

The Usage of Immunotherapy in Hematologic Malignancies
R. R. Kansara, C. Speziali

Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cell Therapy comes to clinical practice
D. Wall

Diagnosis, monitoring and management of immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy adverse events
O. F. Khan, J. Monzon

Use of Immuno-oncology in melanoma
M. G. Smylie

Cautious optimism – the current role of immunotherapy in gastrointestinal cancers.
S. Mendis, S. Gill

Immune checkpoint inhibitors in genitourinary malignancies
M. Thana, L. Wood

Immuno-Oncology – The New Paradigm of Lung Cancer Treatment
D. Dawe

A review of cancer immunotherapy: from the past, to the present, to the future
K. Esfahani

T cell activation and the targets of the Immuno-oncology drugs
Samuel D. Saibil