Future Table of Contents

Future Table of Contents

Volume 27, Number 1 (February 2020)

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Oncologists and General Practitioners in Oncology: Allies in cancer care delivery
G. Chaput, E. Lilly

The evolving field of bone imaging in multiple myeloma: Is it time to abandon skeletal surveys?
H. S. Mian, A. McCurdy

About the Canadian Association of Medical Oncologists (CAMO)

Does free nicotine replacement improve smoking cessation rates in cancer patients?
A. J. Arifin, L. C. McCracken, S. Nesbitt, A. Warner, R. E. Dinniwell, D. A Palma, A. V. Louie

Trends in survival based on treatment modality among pancreatic cancer patients: A population-based study
S. Shakeel, C. Finley, G. Akhtar-Danesh, H. Yeang Seow, N. Akhtar-Danesh

Acceptability of anal cancer screening tests for women living with HIV in the EVVA study
E. Kaufman, C. de Castro, T. Williamson, B. Lessard, M. Munoz, M. Mayrand, A. N. Burchell, M. B. Klein, L. Charest, M. Auger, V. Marcus, F. Coutlée, A. de Pokomandy

Biopsy on Progression in EGFR Mutation Positive Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer patients - A Canadian Experience
Q. Siu-chung Chu, C. Ho, A. Agha, N. Devost, R. N. Walton, S. Ghosh

Patient and physician perceptions of lung cancer care in a multidisciplinary clinic model
G. C. Digby

A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis of Adjuvant Therapy for Curatively Resected Biliary Tract Cancers
M. Kish, K. Chan, K. Perry, Y. Ko

Analyzing the Effect of Physician Assignment in the Survival of Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients
P. Wheatley-Price, H. Jonker, K. Al-Baimani, T. Zhang, G. Nicholas, G. Goss, S. A. Laurie

Prognosis in Young Women Under 40 Years old with Brain Metastasis from Breast Cancer
A. Mustillo, J. Ayoub, D. Charpentier, L. Yelle, M. Florescu

Humanism in Global Oncology Curricula: An Emerging Priority
M. E. Giuliani, M. Martimianakis, M. Broadhurst, J. Papadakos, R. Fazelad, E. Driessen, J. Frambach

Health-related quality of life and well-being in parents of infants and toddlers with cancer
J. M. Morhun

Can concordance between actual care received and a pathway map be measured on a population based level? A pilot study.
K. Forster, K. Tsang, S. Li, L. Ieraci, P. Murray, K. J. Woltman, D. Chmelnitsky, C. M.B. Holloway, E. D. Kennedy

Therapeutic landscape of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer in Canada in 2019
A. Elkrief, P. Joubert, M. Florescu, M. Tehfe, N. Blais, B. Routy

Complex surgery and perioperative systemic therapy for genitourinary cancer of the retroperitoneum: A Clinical Practice Guideline
N. Coakley

Systemic adjuvant therapy for adult patients at high risk for recurrent cutaneous or mucosal melanoma: A Cancer Care Ontario clinical practice guideline
T. M. Petrella, G. G. Fletcher, G. Knight, E. McWhirter, S. Rajagopal, X. Song, T. D. Baetz

Renal medullary carcinoma and its association with sickle cell trait: a case report and literature review
P. Holland, J. Merrimen, C. Pringle, L. A. Wood

CanPros- Oral Abstact
Various Authors

CanPros- Poster Abstracts
Various Authors

Upcoming in Current Oncology

Immuno-oncology Editorial
R. Wong

The Usage of Immunotherapy in Hematologic Malignancies
R. R. Kansara, C. Speziali

Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cell Therapy comes to clinical practice
D. Wall

Diagnosis, monitoring and management of immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy adverse events
O. Farooq Khan, J. Monzon

Use of Immuno-oncology in melanoma
M. G. Smylie

Cautious optimism – the current role of immunotherapy in gastrointestinal cancers
S. Mendis, S. Gill

Immune checkpoint inhibitors in genitourinary malignancies
M. Thana, L. Wood

Immuno-Oncology – The New Paradigm of Lung Cancer Treatment
D. Dawe

A review of cancer immunotherapy: from the past, to the present, to the future
K. Esfahani

T cell activation and the targets of the Immuno-oncology drugs
Samuel D. Saibil

Biomarkers of immune-checkpoint inhibitor efficacy in cancer
D. E. Meyers, S. Banerji

A fresh look at therapeutic advances in soft-tissue sarcomas
T. Alcindor

Chemotherapy in Pediatric-Type Soft-Tissue Sarcomas
K. M. Ingley, S. Cohen-Gogo, A. A. Gupta

Immunotherapy in soft tissue sarcomas
A. R. A. Razak

Update on Systemic Therapy for Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma
A. Smrke, Y. Wang, C. Simmons

Molecular targets and novel therapeutic avenues in soft tissue sarcoma
A. Elkrief, T. Alcindor