Current Oncology : it all started 20 years ago ...


Current Oncology : it all started 20 years ago ...

L. Cooper , CEO
Multimed Inc.

As Current Oncology approaches its 20th year of publication, the time is right to share with our readers a brief history of its humble beginnings.

Multimed Inc., the company I founded in 1980, was focusing its growth on niche medical publications for professionals and health care consumers. By 1993, we were looking to expand our portfolio. After doing some market research, it was unclear to me why Canada didn’t have a peer-reviewed oncology journal, given the excellent research and clinical work of the Canadian oncology community. In July 1993, I met with Harriet Cooper and Dr. Michael Mclean to discuss this opportunity.

We asked ourselves some questions: Is there a need to galvanize this collective source of knowledge and create a journal? Will there be support for a journal that seeks to promote this ongoing Canadian body of work? Most important, is there a need for a journal that serves as a forum for Canadian oncologists and trainees, and that shares ideas, data (even in an early form), protocols, and subject reviews to the benefit of all concerned?

We knew we had our work cut out for us if we were to pursue the challenge of starting such a journal. We didn’t have an editorial board or reviewers. Nor did we have sponsors, mailing lists, or a national oncology organization that could lend its support. Most importantly, we didn’t have any articles!

The three of us in that evening’s meeting made the decision to go forward. It was our belief that the Canadian oncology community had a lot to offer the world and that we could publish a journal demonstrating that excellence. Hence, Current Oncology was born.

In a mad flurry, authors were recruited, an editorial board was established, and sponsors were secured. All of that before a word had been published! In the fall of 1993, we began working on the inaugural issue, which was published and distributed in the first quarter of 1994. Our goal was to continue publishing on a quarterly basis and, over time, to build the editorial and financial base necessary to sustain the journal for years to come.

I can proudly say that Current Oncology has now become the most recognized peer-reviewed oncology journal in Canada. With an impact factor of 2.473, a monthly online readership exceeding 5000 individuals, and a growing list of article submissions from authors around the world, Current Oncology continues to make its mark.

For their dedication and commitment over the past 20 years, I sincerely thank our esteemed editors, section editors, authors, reviewers, advertisers, and readers—and all those at Multimed who have played a part in the effort to improve cancer biology, diagnosis, and therapy through the pages of our journal.

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