Design and implementation of a community-based exercise program for breast cancer patients

H.J. Leach, J.M. Danyluk, S.N. Culos-Reed


Research has indicated that exercise is critical in the recovery process for breast cancer patients, and yet this evidence has infrequently been translated into sustainable community programming. The present article describes the processes and operations of beauty (the Breast Cancer Patients Engaging in Activity and Undergoing Treatment program). This evidence-based 12-week exercise program, with an optional 12-week maintenance component, is supported by the Wings of Hope Foundation, allowing the program to be delivered at no cost to participants. The program was designed to restore and improve the physical well-being of women living with breast cancer as they undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Evaluations measure safety and adherence to the program and the effects of the program on physiologic and psychological outcomes and quality of life. The beauty program addresses the gap between the level of evidence for the benefits of exercise after a cancer diagnosis and translation of that evidence into community programming by providing an accessible, individualized, and safe physical activity program for women during treatment for breast cancer.


Breast cancer; community; exercise; physical activity

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