Meeting the needs of the aging population: the Canadian Network on Aging and Cancer—report on the first Network meeting, 27 April 2016

M.T.E. Puts, T. Hsu, E. Szumacher, S. Sattar, S. Toubasi, C. Rosario, E. Brain, W. Duggleby, C. Mariano, S. Mohile, H. Muss, M. Trudeau, D. Wan-Chow-Wah, C. Wong, S. Alibhai


The aging of the Canadian population represents the major risk factor for a projected increase in cancer incidence in the coming decades. However, the evidence base to guide management of older adults with cancer remains extremely limited. It is thus imperative that we develop a national research agenda and establish a national collaborative network to devise joint studies that will help to accelerate the development of high-quality research, education, and clinical care and thus better address the needs of older Canadians with cancer. To begin this process, the inaugural meeting of the Canadian Network on Aging and Cancer was held in Toronto, 27 April 2016. The meeting was attended by 51 invited researchers and clinicians from across Canada, as well as by international leaders in geriatric oncology from the United States and France.

The objectives of the meeting were to

  • review the present landscape of education, clinical care, and research in the area of cancer and aging in Canada.
  • identify issues of high research priority in Canada within the field of cancer and aging.
  • identify current barriers to geriatric oncology research in Canada and develop potential solutions.
  • develop a Canadian collaborative multidisciplinary research network between investigators to improve health outcomes for older adults with cancer.
  • learn from successful international efforts to stimulate the geriatric oncology research agenda in Canada.

In the present report, we describe the education, clinical care, and research priorities that were identified at the meeting.


Geriatric oncology; research priorities; meeting reports

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