Real-world patient- and caregiver-reported outcomes in advanced breast cancer

V. Lambert-Obry, A. Gouault-Laliberté, A. Castonguay, G. Zanotti, T. Tran, M. Mates, J. Lemieux, P. Chabot, C. Prady, F. Couture, J. Lachaine



Advanced breast cancer (abc) represents a substantial burden for patients and caregivers. In the present study, we aimed to estimate quality of life (qol), utility, productivity loss, pain, health care resource utilization, and costs for patients with abc, and qol, utility, and productivity loss for their caregivers.


This multicentre prospective non-interventional study was conducted in Canada. Eligible participants were postmenopausal women with estrogen receptor–positive, her2-negative unresectable abc and their caregivers. Validated questionnaires were used to measure qol, utility, productivity loss, and pain. Patients and caregivers were classified into 4 health states typically used in oncology economic modelling: first-line progression-free (1l-pf), firstline progressive disease (1l-pd), second- or subsequent-line progression-free (≥2l-pf), and second- or subsequent-line progressive disease (≥2l-pd).


Most patients and caregivers accepted to participate, with total recruitment of 202 patients and 78 caregivers. Compared with patients in pf, patients in pd had lower mean qol scores (52.9 ± 29.9 for 1l-pd vs. 68.2 ± 23.2 for 1l-pf, and 54.0 ± 23.6 for ≥2l-pd vs. 66.0 ± 22.1 for ≥2l-pf), lower mean utility values (0.64 ± 0.22 for 1l-pd vs. 0.73 ± 0.20 for 1l-pf, and 0.65 ± 0.25 for ≥2l-pd vs. 0.74 ± 0.18 for ≥2l-pf), and greater productivity loss (39.4 ± 27.7 for 1l-pd vs. 27.5 ± 30.1 for 1l-pf, and 37.6 ± 29.2 for ≥2l-pd vs. 32.0 ± 29.0 for ≥2l-pf). Compared with caregivers of patients in pf, caregivers of patients in pd had lower qol scores and utility values, and greater productivity loss.


Study results indicate that, for patients and caregivers, pd health states are associated with a deterioration of qol and utility and a decrease in productivity in both 1l and ≥2l.


Real-world evidence; advanced breast cancer; patient-reported outcomes; caregivers; quality of life; utility; productivity losses; health care resource utilization


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