Current landscape of immune therapy in treatment of solid tumours, with future opportunities and challenges.

N. A. Nixon, N. Blais, S. Ernst, C. Kollmannsberger, G. Bebb, M. Butler, M. Smylie, S. Verma



Immune therapy has emerged as a new standard of care therapy showing survival benefit for solid tumours in multiple disease sites and indications.  The survival improvements seen in diseases that were highly resistant to traditional therapies with poor prognosis are unprecedented.  While the benefits observed in clinical trials are undeniable, not all patients will derive these benefits, leading to emerging combination strategies and an ongoing quest for biomarker selection.  In this paper, we summarize the current evidence for immune therapy in the treatment of solid tumours, and discuss emerging strategies at the forefront of research.  We discuss future challenges that will be encountered as we continue to expand our experience and knowledge in this rapidly emerging field.


Immune Oncology

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