Who cares? The impact on caregivers of suspected mining-related lung cancer

N. Lightfoot, L. MacEwan, L. Tufford, D. L. Holness, C. Mayer, D. M. Kramer


Background In the present study, we investigated the emotional, physical, financial, occupational, practical, and quality-of-life impacts on caregivers of patients with mining-related lung cancer.

Methods This concurrent, embedded, mixed-methods study used individual in-depth qualitative interviews and the 36-item Short Form Health Survey (version 2: RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, U.S.A.) quality-of-life measure with 8 caregivers of patients with suspected mining-related lung cancer who had worked in Sudbury or Elliot Lake (or both), and sometimes elsewhere. Individuals who assist workers in filing compensation claims were also interviewed in Sudbury and Elliot Lake. Interviews (n = 11) were transcribed and analyzed thematically.

Results Caregiver themes focused on the long time to, and the shock of, diagnosis and dealing with lung cancer; not much of a life for caregivers; strong views about potential cancer causes; concerns about financial impacts; compensation experiences and long time to compensation; and suggestions for additional support. Quality-of-life scores were below the norm for most measures. Individuals who assist workers in preparing claims were passionate about challenges in the compensation journey; the requirement for more and better family support; the need to focus on compensation compared with cost control; the need for better exposure monitoring, controls, resources, and research; and job challenges, barriers, and satisfaction.

Conclusions Caregivers expressed a need for more education about the compensation process and for greater support. Worker representatives required persistence, additional workplace monitoring and controls, additional research, and a focus on compensation compared with cost control. They also emphasized the need for more family support.


Lung cancer; caregivers; cancer impacts; mixed-methods research

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3747/co.26.4635

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