Primary yolk sac tumour of the prostate mimicking small round blue cell tumour

H. Gui, R. A. Kolster, M. B. Palmer, J. S. Brooks, M. Zhang, M. A. Husson


Prostatic yolk sac tumour is a germ cell tumour with a wide range of age of occurrence, unusual anatomic locations, diverse morphologic patterns, and aggressive biologic behavior, posing challenges both to diagnosis and clinical management.

   We report a rare case of primary yolk sac tumour of the prostate with extensive local and liver metastasis, the latter of which exhibited sheets of small blue cells expressing CD99 and focal sall4 on biopsy. Positivity for CD99 and gata3 in the initial biopsy raised the differential diagnosis of Ewing sarcoma and poorly differentiated carcinoma. The primary tumour demonstrated an admixture of solid and glandular growth patterns and occasional Schiller–Duval bodies. A panel of immunohistochemical stains showing positivity for AE1/3, sall4, cdx2, and focal alpha-fetoprotein, and negativity for oct-4, facilitated the diagnosis.

   A thorough review of the literature and our current report indicate that a large tumour load, incomplete tumour resection, limited response to preoperative neoadjuvant chemotherapy, and late stage of the disease are predictive factors for a poor clinical outcome.


yolk sac tumor; germ cell tumor; prostate

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