The generation of two specific cancer costing algorithms using Ontario administrative databases

N. Mittmann, S. Y. Cheng, N. Liu, S. J. Seung, F. E. Saxena, C. DeAngelis, N. J. Look Hong, C.C. Earle, M. C. Cheung, N. Leighl, N. Coburn, W. K. Evans


Cancer treatment and management have become increasingly economically burdensome. Consequently, to help with planning health service delivery, it is vital to understand the associated costs. Administrative databases can be used to help understand and generate real-world system-level costs. Using databases to generate costs can take one of two approaches: top-down or bottom-up. Top-down approaches disaggregate the total health care spending from a global health care budget by sector and provider. A bottom-up approach begins with individual-level health care use and its costs, which are then aggregated.


Costing Algorithm

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