Clinical practice guideline for image-guided multimode tumour ablation therapy in hepatic malignant tumours

G. Z. Wang, X.H. He, Y. Wang, L.C. Xu, H. Z. Huang, Y.H. Wang, Z. Shen, X.D. Qu, X.Y. Ding, J.J. Yang, W. T. Li


Multimode tumour ablation therapy is a treatment method that combines cryoablation with radiofrequency ablation, guided by medical imaging technology and based on precise planning, targeting, monitoring, and control of the thermal energy delivered, with the aim of achieving a whole-body antitumour immune response to malignant tumours. To develop standardized criteria for the application of multimode tumour ablation therapy to malignant hepatic tumours, to facilitate actualization of the criteria in various hospitals, and to ensure therapeutic efficacy and safety, the Society of Interventional Therapy of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and the Solid Tumor Theranostics Committee of the Shanghai Anti-Cancer Association assembled experts who specialize in oncology to discuss this treatment method and to arrive at a clinical practice consensus guideline for the indications, contraindications, and techniques of multimode tumour ablation therapy for malignant hepatic tumours.


Cryosurgery; cryoablation; radiofrequency ablation; liver neoplasms; consensus statements

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