Role of real-world evidence in informing cancer care: lessons from colorectal cancer

A. Batra, W. Y. Cheung


The term “real-world evidence” (rwe) describes the analysis of data that are collected beyond the context of clinical trials. The use and application of rwe have become increasingly common and relevant, especially in oncology, because there is growing recognition that randomized controlled trials (rcts) might not be sufficiently representative of the entire patient population that is affected by cancer, and that specific clinical research questions might be best addressed by real-world data. In this brief review, our main aim is to highlight the role of rwe in informing cancer care, particularly focusing on specific examples from colorectal cancer. Our hope is to illustrate the ways in which rwe can complement rcts in improving the understanding of cancer management and how rwe can facilitate cancer treatment decisions for real-world patients encountered in routine clinical care.


Real-world evidence; colorectal cancer

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