Translating guidelines to practice: a training session about cancer-related fatigue

  • G. Jones University of Ottawa
  • N. Rutkowski University of Ottawa
  • G. Trudel University of Ottawa
  • C. St-Gelais Montfort Hospital
  • M. Ladouceur Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation
  • J. Brunet University of Ottawa
  • S. Lebel University of Ottawa
Keywords: Cancer-related fatigue, Guidelines, Knowledge Translation, Healthcare provider training


Background. Cancer-related fatigue (CRF) is the highest unmet need amongst cancer survivors. The Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology (CAPO) has developed guidelines to guide screening, assessment, and intervention of CRF; however, they are not consistently applied in practice due to patient, healthcare provider (HCP), and systemic barriers. Notably, previous studies identify lack of knowledge of CRF guidelines as an impediment to their implementation. Methods. This pilot study tested preliminary outcomes, the acceptability, and the feasibility of a training session and a knowledge-translation (KT) tool designed to increase HCP and community support providers’ (CSP) knowledge of CAPO CRF guidelines. A one-time in-person training session was offered to a diverse sample of HCPs and CSPs (n = 18). Outcomes (i.e., CAPO CRF guidelines knowledge, intentions and self-efficacy to apply guidelines in practice) were assessed pre- and post-training. Acceptability and feasibility were also assessed post-training to guide future testing and/or implementation of the training.  Results. At post-training, participants reported increased CAPO CRF guidelines knowledge, self-efficacy, and intent to apply guidelines in practice. Participant satisfaction with the training session and the KT tool was high and recruitment time, participation, and retention rates indicate that the training was acceptable and feasible. Conclusions. The provided training is both acceptable to HCPs/CSPs and feasible. It may increase knowledge of CAPO CRF guidelines and participants’ intentions and self-efficacy to implement evidence-based recommendations. Future studies should investigate actual changes in practice and how to optimize follow-up assessments. KT strategies should be paired with guideline development to promote practice uptake.

Author Biographies

G. Jones, University of Ottawa

School of Psychology

N. Rutkowski, University of Ottawa

School of Psychology

G. Trudel, University of Ottawa

School of Psychology

J. Brunet, University of Ottawa

School of Psychology, School of Human Kinetics

S. Lebel, University of Ottawa

School of Psychology

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Jones, G., Rutkowski, N., Trudel, G., St-Gelais, C., Ladouceur, M., Brunet, J., & Lebel, S. (2019). Translating guidelines to practice: a training session about cancer-related fatigue. Current Oncology, 27(2).
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