A fresh look at therapeutic advances in soft-tissue sarcoma


A fresh look at therapeutic advances in soft-tissue sarcoma

T. Alcindor, MD MSc*

doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.3747/co.27.5937

Soft-tissue sarcomas constitute a fascinating group of diseases. They represent about 1% of all cancers, but are divided into dozens of subtypes, with varying molecular and, sometimes, clinical features. Progress in management has been slow, hampered by insufficient knowledge of the relevant pathophysiology and difficulties in conducting appropriate clinical trials.

Things are progressively changing, with notable successes that should be advertised. In this special supplement to Current Oncology, a group of Canadian sarcoma experts takes a fresh look at therapeutic advances in soft-tissue sarcoma. Articles about immunotherapy and novel cytotoxic and targeted agents shed light on the cutting-edge management of common and uncommon sarcomas alike—including the pediatric types. In Canada, the treatment of sarcoma tends to be centralized in referral institutions, from which our authors draw their expertise and where they undertake research to improve outcomes for patients and contribute to Canadian scientific output.

I thank our authors and reviewers for their efforts and their time commitment. I also acknowledge the support of Current Oncology in putting together this special issue. I hope that our readers no longer see sarcomas as hopeless diseases, but rather as an opportunity for clinical research and drug development based on rigorous scientific methods, for the greater benefit of all.


I have read and understood Current Oncology’s policy on disclosing conflicts of interest, and I declare the following interests: I have received fees as an advisory board member for Merck, Eisai, Pfizer, Novartis, and Taiho. My institution receives funding from Karyopharm, SpringWorks Therapeutics, Lilly, and Deciphera for trials in which I am co-investigator. ( Return to Text )


*Division of Medical Oncology, Cedars Cancer Centre, McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, QC.

Correspondence to: Thierry Alcindor, 1001 Décarie Boulevard, Room D02-7027, Montreal, Quebec H4A 3J1. E-mail: thierry.alcindor@muhc.mcgill.ca

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Current Oncology, VOLUME 27, Supplement 1, February 2020

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