Radiotherapy for steroid-resistant laryngeal Rosai–Dorfman disease

D. Toguri, A. V. Louie, K. Rizkalla, J. Franklin, G. B Rodrigues, V. Venkatesan


Rosai–Dorfman disease is a rare lymphoproliferative disorder that can have nodal and extranodal manifestations.In the absence of established guidelines for the management of this condition, various therapeutic modalities are used, including radiotherapy. Radiation dosages and fractionation schedules have not been reported in all instances. We present a case in which glottic and subglottic Rosai–Dorfman lesions causing airway obstruction in a frail steroidrefractory patient were put into complete remission using radiotherapy. The lesions responded transiently to a course of prednisone, but responded completely to external-beam radiation, with minimal side effects to the patient.

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