Canadian College of Medical Geneticists guidelines for the indications, analysis, and reporting of cancer specimens

A. J. Dawson, J. McGowan-Jordan, J. Chernos, J. Xu, J. Lavoie, J.-C. Wang, M. R. Steinraths, S. Shetty


The Canadian College of Medical Geneticists (ccmg) is a national organization of medical and laboratory geneticists. The mission of the ccmg is to establish and maintain high-quality professional and ethical standards for medical genetics services in Canada and to help to ensure that service of the highest quality is delivered to the Canadian public.

Cancer cytogenetics is one of the sections of practice of the ccmg. The ccmg Cytogenetic Committee has, therefore, put forward guidelines to provide oncologists and ccmg cytogeneticists with a comprehensive review of the cytogenetic diagnostic tests that are recommended as a minimum standard of care for tumours of hematopoietic and lymphoid tissues and for tumours of soft tissue and bone. The guidelines were approved by the ccmg board of directors in June 2010.?

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