In this issue of Current Oncology

In this issue of Current Oncology

M. McLean , MD

In one of two manuscripts in this issue (Biomedical Ethics section), Dr. Jose Pereira from the University of Ottawa presents a fascinating review of the experience of the Benelux countries in their handling of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, practices that have been legal there for almost a decade, starting with Holland in 2001. Although not legalized in Switzerland, assisted suicide is nonetheless also tolerated there because of legal loopholes that opened when suicide was decriminalized many years ago. Improvement of palliative care facilities, together with physician and public education programs, has been the route taken by other nearby jurisdictions, such as France and the United Kingdom, where legislators have opted not to introduce euthanasia. In a related but separate guest editorial, Drs. Sarah and Louis Touyz identify and discuss the prevailing philosophies of the movements in support of and against these two practices. I suspect that these articles will provoke thought in our readership and generate interesting feedback.

This issue also sees the first in a short series of manuscripts, produced under the stewardship of Dr. Jeffrey Lipton, identifying the therapeutic advances in chronic myeloid leukemia ( cml ) that have accompanied the introduction of imatinib and similar compounds. The understanding and treatment of cml are rapidly evolving, and in this first manuscript from Drs. Assouline and Lipton, recent progress in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of cml is discussed, as are the implications for day-to-day practical management of the disease.

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Current Oncology , VOLUME 18 , NUMBER 2

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