Vol 16, No 3 (2009)

Cover Page

Photography by a Family Member, Friend or Caregiver Connecticut

So many people I know - relatives, friends and business associates have been diagnosed with cancer. All of these people have inspired me with their courage, hope, strength and desire for life. But of all these people, the one who inspired and enabled me the most is my late husband, a photographer, who lost his battle with lung cancer. As his friend, wife and caregiver, words cannot adequately express what we experienced; those who have been there know. Sometimes we need a different form of expression, a different way to communicate, a different voice. I began a new journey to have a different voice, a visual voice because of him and my own need to share aspects of our experience with others.

I created this photomontage, “Traces,” in what was his studio but is now also mine. It is my self portrait, alone in a room, the torn edges symbolic of what can happen in life. But I have been given wings, formed from his body to propel me forward, to help me start on this new journey that will be without him in body but with him in memory. To help me see things in a new way, express them visually and create art that is about life. As I go forward on this journey I never forget who gave me that start and why.

The photograph on the cover of this issue is entitled “Traces” and was named third prize in the “Best of Exhibition” category the 2008 Lilly Oncology on Canvas: Expressions of a Cancer Journey Art Competition and Exhibition. The piece also was selected as the “Best Photograph by a Family Member, Friend or Caregiver.”

Oncology on Canvas was created by Eli Lilly and Company as a way to honour the journeys people take when confronted with a cancer diagnosis. The program invited people diagnosed with any type of cancer, their families and friends, cancer advocates, healthcare providers, as well as artists and art students to express, through art and in narrative, their own cancer journeys.

All winners were awarded a monetary donation to the cancer charity of their choice.

The rich and enduring collection of art is travelling the world and continues to touch the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

Current Oncology is committed to the Canadian oncology community as well as oncology communities around the world. We are pleased to help raise awareness of this great program created by Lilly. Current Oncology will be selecting a new artwork for each cover from previous and upcoming competitions.