Vol 16, No 5 (2009)

Cover Page

SEARCHING: The Answer Is Out There
Watercolor by a Person Diagnosed with Cancer

These origami cranes represent hope to me. They are spiritual guides/guardian angels searching the universe for answers to a cancer cure.

After initial diagnosis of cancer in 2001, my journey seemed to develop in stages. It began with a frantic search for the right doctor, medical facility,treatment options, etc. After recovery from surgery, I wanted to try and better the odds for success and researched a healthier diet, exercise, yoga, etc.

There came a point where I knew I needed help to relieve stress and sought professional help. I wanted to learn to use visualization and meditation techniques. I also learned to make positive attitude changes and it improved my outlook on life.

Having taken care of body and mind, things evolved to the point of the spiritual. Looking for answers brought me toward a deeper self-understanding and learning to let go and accept life as it is. I am always with hope and live each day with appreciation. Prayer and meditation bring much comfort to me.

Also, finding a passion (I highly recommend it) such as watercolor painting helps relieve stress and puts me in a joyful state. This positive effect seems to last a long time after painting. It helps me to see the world with “rose-colored glasses” – I choose it rather than the alternative.

The watercolor artwork on the cover of this issue is entitled “SEARCHING: The Answer is Out There” and was an entry in the 2008 Lilly Oncology On Canvas: Expressions of a Cancer Journey Art Competition and Exhibition.

Oncology On Canvas was created by Eli Lilly and Company as a way to honour the journeys people take when confronted with a cancer diagnosis. The program invited people diagnosed with any type of cancer, their families and friends, cancer advocates, healthcare providers, as well as artists and art students to express, through art and in narrative, their own cancer journeys.

All winners were awarded a monetary donation to the cancer charity of their choice.

The rich and enduring collection of art is travelling the world and continues to touch the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

Current Oncology is committed to the Canadian oncology community as well as oncology communities around the world. We are pleased to help raise awareness of this great program created by Lilly. Current Oncology will be selecting a new artwork for each cover from previous and upcoming competitions.