Vol 19 (2012)

Personalized Medicine in Metastatic NSCLC: a Canadian Perspective

Cover Page

About the cover:  “Eukarya”; mixed media painting by Gina Duque, artist and member of the ART for Cancer Group.

The art on the cover of this issue is entitled “Eukarya,” a mixed media painting created by artist and cancer survivor Gina Duque. The work explores the concept of the body as the ultimate self-regenerating system through the power of visualization and the mind -body connection. Fantastical in nature, “Eukarya” is a symbol for vibrant, radiant health that arises from the harmonious balance between the mind, body and soul.

Gina Duque donates 40% to 60% of all profit from some of her artwork that is available on Imagekind to The ART for Cancer Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that offers free creative programs for cancer patients and their families while supporting research on the cause, control and cure of cancer. To find out more about the programs please visit: www.artforcancerfoundation.org.

To view more of Gina Duque’s art please visit www.ginaduque.com

The ART for Cancer Group is a collective of artists from around the globe, who have united in the fight against cancer, by donating a portion of their art sales to cancer charity. The members span over 30 countries and support over 20 cancer charities. To find out more about the group please visit www.artforcancergroup.com.

Current Oncology is committed to the Canadian oncology community as well as oncology communities around the world. We are pleased to help raise awareness of the work and cause of the ART for Cancer Group. Current Oncology will be selecting a new artwork for each cover from the ART for Cancer Group.