Vol 20, No 1 (2013)

Cover Page


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2012, and I’m currently halfway through chemotherapy. As a long-time quilter, I’ve expressed my journey through my fabric work. I hand-dye all my fabrics, starting with 100 percent white cotton.

This quilt shows the work of chemo as it flows through the port into my blood stream. The colored beads represent the chemo, and the white beads signify white blood cells helping my body move towards health. I visualize the future in the smallest plume on the right side of the quilt, a time when my blood stream will carry plenty of white blood cells—no chemo or cancer present.

I designed and made this quilt, using a combination of machine and hand stitching.

The mixed media artwork on the cover is entitled “Chemo" and is by a person diagnosed with cancer. It took first prize in the 2012 Lilly Oncology On Canvas: Expressions of a Cancer Journey Art Competition and Exhibition.

Oncology On CanvasSM is an art competition and exhibition that honours the journeys people face when confronted with a cancer diagnosis. This biennial competition invites individuals diagnosed with any type of cancer—as well as their families, friends, caregivers and healthcare providers —to express through art and narrative, the life-affirming changes that give their cancer journeys meaning.

Oncology On Canvas was started in 2004 by Eli Lilly and Company to help address a need in cancer care that goes beyond medicine—to help those affected by cancer cope with the emotional toll of the disease.

Artwork from the 2012 competition is touring cancer centres, hospitals and patient advocacy group events.

Current Oncology is committed to the Canadian oncology community as well as oncology communities around the world. We are pleased to help raise awareness of this great program created by Lilly. Current Oncology will be selecting a new artwork for each cover from Oncology On Canvas competitions.