Vol 22, No 6 (2015)

Cover Page

In the Dance

Painting by a person diagnosed with cancer, British Columbia

Push Back The Night – Look For The Light

A rare cancerous tumour – Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans – lays in the dark. Silent. Growing. A sick party. Twelve days since diagnosis. “CANCER” my mind screams. I scream back. “This is it? Am I to die with this? Like this?” Black. Everything is black. It is darkest before the dawn. Yet, creation explodes around me. Listen. Watch. Turn to the music. The light shines. Past the trees. Over the mountains. Up to the rising moon. I look for the dawn. Whatever happens between now and the abyss. Surgery. Chemotherapy. Drugs. I choose LIGHT over dark. Good beyond pain. Healing on the far side of sickness. Every moment. Seeking the light. I’m in the dance. Choosing life.

The painting on the cover of this issue is titled “In the Dance” and is by a person diagnosed with cancer from the 2014 Lilly Oncology On Canvas Canada art competition.

Oncology On CanvasSM is an art competition and exhibition that honours the journeys people face when confronted with a cancer diagnosis. This biennial competition invites individuals diagnosed with any type of cancer—as well as their families, friends, caregivers and healthcare providers—to express, through art and narrative, the life-affirming changes that give their cancer journeys meaning.

Oncology On Canvas was started in 2004 by Lilly Oncology to help address a great, unmet need in cancer care—a need that goes beyond medicine—to help those affected by cancer cope with the emotional toll of the disease. Since 2004, the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) has been the co-presenter of the Lilly Oncology On Canvas Art Competition and Exhibition for US and Puerto Rico residents.

Lilly Oncology on Canvas Canada launched in 2014. Visit www.lillyocc.com to learn more about the competition. Lilly Oncology on Canvas Canada is presented in partnership with the Canadian Association for Psychosocial Oncology and the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network.

Current Oncology is committed to the Canadian oncology community as well as oncology communities around the world. We are pleased to help raise awareness of this great program created by Lilly. Current Oncology will be selecting new artwork for each cover from previous competitions.

Artwork from the Canadian competition is available for viewing at www.lillyocc.com. Artwork from the US competition is available for viewing at www.lillyoncologyoncanvas.com.