Vol 16 (2009)

Endocrine Therapy Update Supplement

Cover Page

“Darkness to Light and Life”
Watercolor by Person Diagnosed with Cancer
United States

—My drive through life had a detour—with cancer.

The word cancer brought up thoughts, dark and negative things and I had to get through this detour. The hospital setting was alien but the people were life. I couldn't be passive. I had to help the helpers: the doctors, nurses, specialists, and staff. I started this detour and I gave thanks to the gifted givers of technology. I talked, I questioned, and day by day I slowly got off the detour and onto the drive.       

I thought why me?  Why now? And came to the conclusion—so what. Resume life, and the drive.

Life has ups and downs, sour notes and perfect tones, humorous spots and sad marks, but the trip is still on. Each minute with family, friends and strangers I relish, cherish and embrace. I have no reverse. No neutral. Just drive. A drive for life and this will fuel the rest of the journey. These positive elements merge and fit together-­maybe not perfectly, but I will survive.

The mobius strip comes forward out of the darkness and represents the motion of life—sounds, music and time. The mobius is a unique form having only one side--the positive, right side. The moon shows through the darkness, an element of the universe, and reflects the sun’s light.

The watercolour on the cover of this issue is entitled “Darkness to Light and Life” and was an entry in the 2006 Lilly Oncology on Canvas: Expressions of a Cancer Journey Art Competition and Exhibition.

 Oncology on Canvas was created by Eli Lilly and Company as a way to honour the journeys people take when confronted with a cancer diagnosis. The program invited people diagnosed with any type of cancer, their families and friends, cancer advocates, healthcare providers, as well as artists and art students to express, through art and in narrative, their own cancer journeys.

All winners were awarded a monetary donation to the cancer charity of their choice.