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Taylor, Y., Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (Canada)
Taylor-Brown, J., CancerCare Manitoba (Canada)
Tchervenkov, J.I., McGill University Health Centre (Canada)
Tebbutt, N., Austin Health (Australia)
Technical Working Group, in collaboration with the System Performance Steering Committee and the (Canada)
Tehfe, M.
Tehfe, M., Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal
Tehfe, M., Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (Canada)
Tehfe, M., l’Université de Montréal (Canada)
Tehfe, M., Hopital Notre Dame du CHUM, Montreal, QC (Canada)
Tehfe, Mustapha, Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (Canada)
Teixeira, L.R., University of São Paulo Medical School (Brazil)
Tejwani, A., Weill Cornell Medical College (United States)
Temple, W. (Canada)
Temple-Oberle, C., University of Calgary (Canada)
Templeton, K., CervixCheck, CancerCare Manitoba (Canada)
Templin, M. A., Carolinas HealthCare System (United States)
Teng, X.Y., Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center (China)
Terenziani, M., Humanitas Cancer Center (Italy)
Terjanian, T., Staten Island University Hospital (United States)
Terrier, P. (France)
Tesch, M., Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada)
Tessier-Cloutier, B., University of British Columbia (Canada)
Têtu, B
Tey, R., McMaster University/Cancer Care Ontario (Canada)
Tfayli, A., American University of Beirut Medical Center (United States)
Thabane, M., Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. (Canada)
Thabane, M., Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (Canada)
Thai, H., Ontario Cancer Institute, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (Canada)
Thana, M., QEII Health Sciences Centre (Canada)
Thangarasa, T., The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, University of Ottawa (Canada)
Thanh, N.X., Institute of Health Economics, University of Alberta (Canada)
Thavarajah, N., Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Canada)
Thavarajah, N., University of Toronto (Canada)
Thavarajah, N., Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre (Canada)
Thavorn, K., The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute; University of Ottawa; Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (Canada)
Thein, H.H., Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto; Ontario Institute for Cancer Research; Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (Canada)
Theodorescu, Dan (United States)
Theuer, J., The University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Theurer, J., London Health Sciences Centre (Canada)
Thind, A., Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences (Canada)
Thind, A., University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Thipphavong, S., University Health Network and University of Toronto (Canada)
Thirlwell, M., McGill University Health Centr (Canada)
Thirlwell, M., CSSS, Hôpital de Gatineau (Canada)
Thirlwell, M., McGill University, McGill University Health Centre, and Montreal General Hospital (Canada)
Thirlwell, M.
Thirlwell, M., McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, QC (Canada)
Thirlwell, M., McGill University Health Centre (Canada)
Thirlwell, M.P.
Thirlwell, Michael P., Montreal General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec
Thiruchelvam, D., Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences (Canada)
Thirwell, M., McGill University Health Centre (Canada)
Thomas, P., Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, University of Queensland (Australia)
Thomas, R., University of Ottawa (Canada)
Thomas-MacLean, Roanne Leigh, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)
Thombs, B. D., Lady Davis Institute, Jewish General Hospital and McGill University (Canada)
Thompson, D., University of British Columbia (Canada)
Thompson, K., Dalhousie University, and Capital District Health Authority (Canada)
Thompson, M. F.
Thompson, T., BC Cancer Agency (Canada)
Thomson, T
Thorne, Carter, Southlake Regional Health Centre
Tian, C., University Hospital Network (Canada)
Tian, F., Jinling Hospital, Medical School of Nanjing University (China)
Tian, H., Jinling Hospital Affiliated to Southern Medical University (China)
Tian, J., Fujian Medical University (China)
Tian, X., Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University (China)
Tiessen, K., Ontario Cancer Institute, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (Canada)
Tilley, Andrea
Tilley, D., CancerControl Alberta, Alberta Health Services (Canada)
Timlin, T., The Ottawa Hospital (Canada)
Tinmouth, J., Prevention and Cancer Control, Cancer Care Ontario (Canada)
Tinmouth, J., University of Toronto; Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences; Cancer Care Ontario (Canada)
Tirelli, U., CRO,Aviano (Italy)
Tjan-Heijnen, V.C.G., GROW–School for Oncology and Developmental Biology (Netherlands)
Tobin, P., BC Cancer Agency (Canada)
Todorovic, B., London Regional Cancer Program, The University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Toguri, D., The University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Tokar, Erik J., National Cancer Institute at the National Institute of Environmental Health Scie
Tokgoz, H.
Tokin, C., University of California– San Diego (United States)
Tomasone, J., Queens University (Canada)
Tomasone, J., Queen's University (Canada)
Tomasone, J.R., Queen’s University (Canada)
Tomassi, O., ULSS10 "Veneto Orientale" (Italy)
Tomei, C., University of Ottawa (Canada)
Tomiak, Anna, Kingston Regional Cancer Center (Canada)
Tomiak, E., Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute; Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Canada)
Tomlinson, D., The Hospital for Sick Children (Canada)
Tomlinson, G., University of Toronto; University Health Network (Canada)
Tomlinson, G., Toronto General Hospital; University of Toronto (Canada)
Tonelli, M., Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary (Canada)
Tong, K.M., BC Cancer Agency (Canada)
Tong, W.P., Mayo Clinic Arizona (United States)
Tong, Z., Tianjin Medical University, Ministry of Education (China)
Tonini, G., Campus Biomedico University, Roma (Italy)
Tonkin, K., Cross Cancer Institute (Canada)
Toren, A., Sheba Cancer Research Center; The Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital; Tel-Aviv University (Israel)
Toren, P., University of Toronto and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Canada)

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