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Broomfield, J.A., Juravinski Cancer Centre (Canada)
Brophy, J.T., University of Windsor (Canada)
Brose, Kelsey
Brouwers, M., McMaster University (Canada)
Brouwers, M., Cancer Care Ontario Program in Evidence-Based Care (Canada)
Brouwers, M. C., University of Ottawa, McMaster University (Canada)
Brouwers, M.C., McMaster University and the Escarpment Cancer Research Institute (Canada)
Brouwers, M.C., McMaster University; Escarpment Cancer Research Institute; Cancer Care Ontario (Canada)
Brouwers, Melissa
Brouwers, Melissa, Program in Evidence Baser Medicine
Browman, G. P., University of British Columbia BC Cancer Agency (Canada)
Browman, George, Program in Evidence Based Medicine
Brown, C. J., St. Paul’s Hospital, Providence Health Care (Canada)
Brown, C.J., Providence Health Care; University of British Columbia (Canada)
Brown, K., Max Rady College of Medicine, University of Manitoba (Canada)
Brown, M. C., Ontario Cancer Institute, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (Canada)
Brown, M., Hamilton Health Sciences, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre (Canada)
Brown, M.B. (Canada)
Brown, M.C., University Hospital Network (Canada)
Brown, P.
Brown, S., Cornerstone Research Group Inc. (Canada)
Brual, J., University of Toronto (Canada)
Brule, S., The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre (Canada)
Brule, S., The Ottawa Hospital and The University of Ottawa (Canada)
Brundage, M., Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (Canada)
Brundage, M., Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario (Canada)
Brundage, M.D.
Brundage, M.D., Queen’s University Cancer Research Institute; Queen’s University (Canada)
Brundage, Michael, Cancer Centre of Southeastern ON at Kingston General Hospital (Canada)
Brunet, B., Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)
Brunet, J., University of Ottawa (Canada)
Brungs, D., St Vincent’s Hospital, and UNSW Clinical School (Australia)
Bryan, P.M., University of Calgary (Canada)
Bryant, H., Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and University of Calgary (Canada)
Bryant, H. (Canada)
Bryant, H. E. (Canada)
Bryant, H., Canadian Partnership Against Cancer; University of Calgary (Canada)
Bryant, H., Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, University of Calgary (Canada)
Bryant, H., Canadian Partnership Against Cancer; University of Calgary (Canada)
Bryant, H., Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, and University of Calgary, (Canada)
Bryant, H., Canadian Partnership Against Cancer University of Calgary (Canada)
Bryant, H., Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (Canada)
Bryant, H.
Bryant, Heather (Canada)
Bryson, Peter, Kingston General Hospital, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Brzozowska, A., Medical University of Lublin (Poland)
Bu, J., Cancer Care Nova Scotia (Canada)
Bubis, L. D., Evaluative Clinical Sciences, Sunnybrook Research Institute, University of Toronto (Canada)
Buchan, N. C. (Canada)
Bucher, O., CancerCare Manitoba (Canada)
Buck, J., Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Canada)
Buckett, W., Obstetrics and Gynecology Department (Canada)
Buckland, D., Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael’s Hospital (Canada)
Buckley, C.A., Princess Margaret Hospital (Canada)
Buckley, C.A., The Princess Margaret Hospital (Canada)
Buckman, Robert, Princess Margaret Hospital (Canada)
Buckner, C.A., Health Sciences North Research Institute; Laurentian University (Canada)
Buckstein, R., Odette Cancer Centre (Canada)
Buckstein, Rena Julie, Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Ca
Bucsis, M., Alberta Children Hospital (Canada)
Bueddefeld, D., CancerCare Manitoba (Canada)
Buehler, Sharon K
Buess, M., St. Claraspital, Basel (Switzerland)
Buffart, L. M., Cancer Center Amsterdam; VU University Medical Center (Netherlands)
Bui, N., University of California San Diego, Moores Cancer Center (United States)
Buie, D., Department of Surgery, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB (Canada)
Buie, W.D., Department of Surgery University of Calgary (Canada)
Bulman, D., University of New Brunswick (Canada)
Bultz, B.D., Department of Psychosocial Resources, Tom Baker Cancer Centre, and Department of Oncology, University of Calgary (Canada)
Burak, K., Department of Medicine, Liver Unit, and Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Medicine, Gastrointestinal Research Group, University of Calgary (Canada)
Bureau, N.J., Université de Montréal (Canada)
Burge, F., Dalhousie University (Canada)
Burkes, R.
Burkes, R., Princess Margaret Hospital (Canada)
Burkes, R., Mount Sinai Hospital/University of Toronto, Toronto, ON (Canada)
Burkes, R., Mount Sinai Hospital (Canada)
Burkes, R., Mount Sinai Cancer Centre
Burkes, R., The Princess Margaret Hospital Cancer Centre (Canada)
Burkes, R.L., Mount Sinai Hospital, and University of Toronto (Canada)
Burkes, Ron, Mount Sinai Hospital (Canada)
Burkes, Ronald, Mount Sinai Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital/UHN, Toronto, Ontario
Burt, D., Riverside Court Medical Clinic (Canada)
Burton Jr, J.R., University of Colorado (United States)
Bush, S.H., University of Ottawa (Canada)
Butler, M., UHN Princess Margaret Hospital (Cameroon)
Butler, M. O., Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network (Canada)
Butler, M.O., The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (Canada)
Butt, R., Capital Health (Canada)
Butts, C., Cross Cancer Institute
Butts, C., Cross Cancer Institute and University of Alberta (Canada)
Butts, C., Cross Cancer Institute (Canada)
Butts, C., Cross Cancer Institute, University of Alberta (Canada)
Butts, C.A., University of Alberta (Canada)
Butts, C.A., Cross Cancer Institute (Canada)
Butts, Charles
Buyse, M., CHUQ–Hotel-Dieu de Quebec (Canada)
Buyse, M., International Drug Development Institute, Louvain-la-Neuve, and I-BioStat, Hasselt University (Belgium)
Byrne, K., Adelphi Real World (United Kingdom)
Byrski, T., Pomeranian Medical University (Poland)
Byun, J.M., Seoul National University Boramae Medical Center (Korea, Republic of)

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