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Iannitti, D. A., Carolinas Medical Center (United States)
Ibnshamsah, F., Tom Baker Cancer Center (Canada)
Ibrahim, M., The Ottawa Hospital; University of Ottawa (Canada)
Ibrahim, M., Jewish General Hospital (Canada)
Ibrahim, M.F.K., University of Ottawa (Canada)
Ichimura, T., Osaka City University, Graduate School of Medicine (Japan)
Ichise, K., Hirosaki University Graduate School of Medicine (Japan)
Illman, C., BC Cancer (Canada)
Imbulgoda, A., Jack Ady Cancer Centre, Alberta Health Services (Canada)
Imrie, K., Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto and Cancer Care Ontario
Imrie, K., Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Canada)
Incekol, D., Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network (Canada)
Inculet, R., University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Inculet, Richard, London Health Sciences Centre (Canada)
Innes, Connie, Canadian Cancer Society
Inrhaoun, H., National Institute of Oncology (Morocco)
Interpreter Team, The Inuit Medical, Ottawa Health Services Network Inc. (Canada)
investigators, for the CanIMPACT (Canada)
Ionescu, D., BC Cancer Agency (Canada)
Ionescu, D. N., University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada)
Ionescu, D. N., BC Cancer–Vancouver Centre (Canada)
Ionescu, D.N., British Columbia Cancer Agency (Canada)
Ionescu, D.N., British Columbia Cancer Agency, Vancouver Centre (Canada)
Ionescu, D.N., University of British Columbia (Canada)
Ionescu, D.N., BC Cancer Agency (Canada)
Ionescu, D.N., BC Cancer Agency (Canada)
Ionescu, D.N., Vancouver Centre, BC Cancer Agency (Canada)
Iovino, F., Divisions of Surgical Oncology - Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine and Surgery - Second University of Naples School of Medicine, Naples, Italy (Italy)
Iovino, F., Second University of Naples (Italy)
Iqbal, J.
Iqbal, J., Women’s College Research Institute (Canada)
Irani, A.D.
Irish, J., Cancer Care Ontario (Canada)
Irish, J.C., University of Toronto (Canada)
Irvine, S., McMaster University (Canada)
Irwin, M., Ontario Cancer Institute, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (Canada)
Isaranuwatchai, W., Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael’s Hospital (Canada)
Isaranuwatchai, W., St. Michael’s Hospital, Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto (Canada)
Isenring, E., Queensland Health (Princess Alexandra Hospital), University of Queensland (Australia)
Isenring, E., <p>Clinical Academic Fellow, Queensland Health (Princess Alexandra Hospital) and Conjoint Senior Lecturer in Master of Dietetic Studies Program, University of Queensland, Australia</p>
Ishizuka, T., Shizuoka Saiseikai General Hospital (Japan)
Ismaili, N., Mohammed VI University Hospital (Morocco)
Isogai, P.K., Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Canada)
Issa-Chergui, B., McGill University Health Centre, McGill University (Canada)
Ito, H., Michigan State University (United States)
Ivars, J., McMaster University (Canada)
Ivers, N. M., Family Practice Health Centre, Women’s College Hospital, Institute for Health Systems Solutions and Virtual Care, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, University of Toronto (Canada)
Iyer, S., Pfizer, Inc. (United States)
Iyer, V.K. (India)
Izevbaye, I., University of Alberta Hospital (Canada)

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